Youngkin Thanks Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots For Hosting Governor’s Candidate Forum

March 1, 2021

Dominating performance shows Youngkin is the clear GOP frontrunner who can win in November

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Conservative Republican business leader and candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin is the clear GOP frontrunner following his dominating performance at the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots’ Governor’s Candidate Forum. Glenn’s remarks repeatedly drew loud applause from the crowd, which heard him discuss his vision for rebuilding Virginia with conservative solutions and business-like common sense.

“It’s clear to anyone who watched the forum that Glenn Youngkin is the clear frontrunner to take on Terry McAuliffe and win in November,” said Youngkin campaign spokeswoman Macaulay Porter. “From opening our schools to creating jobs and building a rip-roaring economy, to defending our Second Amendment rights and restoring confidence in the integrity of our elections, Glenn showed he is the true outsider with a conservative heart and the experience needed to win and make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

In his opening remarks at the forum, Youngkin made clear his intention to put Virginia families first. “When I’m governor, we will have a real go at getting our cost of living down because, boy, it has outpaced our economic growth, and it’s been led by tax increases and fee increases. And I was the first one on this stage to sign the Taxpayer Protection [Pledge], because if it looks or smells like a tax increase, I will veto it,” Youngkin said.

“We cannot afford a third term of the McAuliffe-Northam Administration. They have piled on regulations and taxes. They have driven out of business small businesses and driven away large ones,” said Youngkin on rebuilding Virginia’s economy. “I know better than anyone on this stage how to be open for business… I can reestablish the business culture in Virginia like we have never seen before.”

“Our schools are closed – we have to get them back open,” said Youngkin on education. “We must take back our school boards… Are we surprised that Dr. Seuss is being pushed out of Loudoun County schools today? … We must stand up and take back our school boards, and as your governor, that’s what I will lead.”

“We have the right to keep and bear arms, and as your governor, I will defend it staunchly. But is it any surprise that the Democrat, Democrat, Democrat lineup in Richmond today has wasted no time to try to violate our Constitutional rights and take our guns away from us?” said Youngkin. “We must win the governor’s office.”

“Those that stand up for us must know we stand up for them,” said Youngkin on supporting law enforcement. “There are bills that are actually trying to reduce an assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor. As your governor, I will veto those bills immediately and smile when I send them back.”

Youngkin also called out Pete Snyder for directing dirty, dishonest political attacks against him, and set the record straight on his longstanding, consistent support for Republican candidates around the country. Snyder did not deny he is behind the attacks.

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