Youngkin Slams Northam Administration’s Move to Eliminate Accelerated Math Classes

April 23, 2021

“To mandate equal outcomes is just not consistent with America”

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Conservative Republican business leader and candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin today slammed the outrageous decision by Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s Department of Education to eliminate all accelerated math courses prior to 11th grade in the name of “equity.”


Speaking on WMAL this morning, Youngkin said, “I thought it was April Fool's Day yesterday when I read this. I just couldn't believe what I was reading. So we're going to close our schools, we're going to censor out Dr. Seuss, and we're going to stop teaching accelerated math classes? This may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.”


“Families are up in arms across Virginia,” added Youngkin. “Republican families, Independent families, Democrat families. Get our schools open, allow our students to absolutely run as fast as they can, and encourage them to be the best students they can be. How in the world did we get here?”


Youngkin made clear that when he is governor, “we're going to teach accelerated math classes for all students to have a chance to be the best student they can be.”


“We have to stand up and acknowledge what is right and what is wrong,” Youngkin continued. “What we need to talk about is opportunity, and everyone should have an opportunity to be the best student, to have career opportunities that allow them to pursue their dreams, and to live in safe communities across Virginia. But to mandate equal outcomes is just not consistent with America. And so, this why I focus on this as governor, which is, we have to stand up and say, ‘no, that’s not right.’”


“This is about leadership,” Youngkin concluded. “We can in fact do this without in fact pushing students down but lifting them all up. This is what’s consistent with our American values and as governor, this is where I will lead us.”


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