Youngkin Pledges to Not Accept Salary As Governor

April 21, 2021

Will be first governor in Virginia history to give paycheck back to the people

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Conservative Republican business leader and candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin today announced that he will not accept a salary as governor and will donate his paycheck to charity.

“I’m not running for governor because I want the title or a stepping stone to another job,” said Youngkin. “I’m running for governor because I actually want to do the work of serving the people of Virginia. I’ve been enormously blessed in my life with more good days than bad days, and they all came because of hard work and the grace of God. I will do the job of governor without accepting a salary because I want to continue giving back to the Commonwealth and helping Virginians in every way I can.”

In addition to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates and causes, Glenn and his wife Suzanne have donated millions of dollars to Christian charities and organizations over the years.

Further, this year Glenn and Suzanne established Virginia Wins PAC. To date, they have personally contributed more than $400,000 to support Republican candidates and restore and renew conservative leadership in the Commonwealth.

The governor of Virginia’s salary is $175,000 per year. As governor, Terry McAuliffe was tied for fourth highest paid governor in the nation when excluding governors who declined a paycheck, according to WWBT.

Youngkin recently announced that his campaign for governor raised more than $7.5 million in its first two months.

Virginians can learn more about Glenn at and by following him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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