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Youngkin Launches ‘Law Enforcement for Glenn’ Coalition

April 28, 2021

Nine key members of the Virginia law enforcement community back Youngkin

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Conservative Republican business leader and candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin today announced the launch of the ‘Law Enforcement for Glenn’ Coalition, with the support of nine key members of the Virginia law enforcement community. Youngkin has established strong law enforcement policies with input from elected law enforcement professionals and community leaders that includes actions for improved pay and protecting qualified immunity rights of our frontline defenders. Youngkin is concerned about the ability to retain and recruit talented people in law enforcement as they are increasingly made targets by the Democrats.


“Our law enforcement community is under attack in Virginia. Officers and frontline workers are being targeted by people who want to defund and demoralize them – even reducing the criminal penalties for assaulting them. These attacks will stop on my watch,” said Youngkin. “As governor, I will veto anti-police legislation and will fight to get them the funding, training and resources they need to do their jobs well and safely. I will make sure the brave men and women who seek to protect and serve their communities know that we have their back, because they have ours. I will oppose all efforts to end qualified immunity. I will hold bad actors accountable, but I will never abandon the heroes who head to work every day knowing it could be their final shift. This is the toughest job in America right now, and we must come together behind our law enforcement community like never before.”


“It is so great to have the support of these great public servants,” continued Youngkin. “It’s even better to know their advice and input is just a phone call or text message away. Together, we will do the hard work of bringing people together and finding real solutions to the problems we face here in Virginia.”


The following elected officials across the Commonwealth have endorsed Glenn and his platform for Virginians:



The ‘Law Enforcement for Glenn’ coalition is led by Melissa Robey, the founder of We Back Blue, a national grassroots law enforcement advocacy organization. 


“Glenn Youngkin supports the men and women in blue. I am honored to lead the ‘Law Enforcement for Glenn’ Coalition, which will build upon the enthusiasm for Glenn’s candidacy and focus on leading policies that stand up for our law enforcement officers who risk their lives everyday to keep our communities safe,” said Robey. “As governor, Glenn will be dedicated to supporting the selfless men and women of the law enforcement community. We are excited to get to work through this coalition.” 


“Virginia is at a crossroads when it comes to the safety of our citizens, the education of our children and our economic recovery. Glenn Youngkin has the leadership qualities, conservative values, and policy skills to succeed at all three as governor,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. “Most importantly, Glenn Younkin understands the importance of protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and is unequivocally supportive of law enforcement.  Glenn Youngkin is a fresh face for Virginia Republicans, and the candidate most likely to defeat Terry McAuliffe and his partisan agenda in November. For these reasons, I endorse Glenn Youngkin for governor, and urge all delegates to the upcoming Republican Convention to do the same. Electing a conservative leader with respect for our Constitution and the rule of law is vital. I believe Glenn Youngkin gives Republicans the best opportunity to achieve these goals, and that he will be a governor who listens to the people and is guided by fairness and integrity.”


“I know Glenn Youngkin is a strong supporter of Virginia's law enforcement community,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin. “Glenn understands that in order to have safe communities in our Commonwealth we need to protect the men and women in uniform who protect us. Glenn realizes the dangers our General Assembly are embracing with radical police reform bills, such as the elimination of qualified immunity that will do nothing but leave our citizens and their families unprotected and greatly aid the criminal element. As chief executive, Glenn Youngkin will make sure that the law enforcement community has a true champion for our most pressing issues as it pertains to public safety. I am honored to endorse Glenn Youngkin as our next governor of Virginia.”


“I’m excited to publicly announce my unconditional support of Glenn Youngkin for governor,” said Louisa County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rusty McGuire. “For too long, Richmond has been treating our victims of violent crimes like second-class citizens. Never did we think the Parole Board would send murderers back to our communities, without even the courtesy of letting the victims’ family members know before they did it. On day one, Governor Youngkin will replace the Parole Board and bring trust back to that office. Join me in sending Glenn Youngkin to Richmond to clean up the mess.”


“I am honored to endorse Glenn Youngkin,” said Campbell County Sheriff Whit Clark. “After meeting with Mr. Youngkin, I found that he is a man of faith who supports the Second Amendment and is committed to supporting law enforcement. He is a proven leader and will put Virginians first.”


“I’m endorsing Glenn Youngkin for governor,” said city of Staunton Sheriff Matthew Robertson. “The reason why I’m doing that is because Glenn is supporting law enforcement, he’s committed to supporting law enforcement, and he’s going to give us the ability to do our jobs efficiently and effectively. And that’s what law enforcement needs right now.”


“It’s also my hope that you’ll support Glenn Youngkin,” said City of Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle. “I think he’s an outstanding candidate and he has my support.”


“We have to start rebuilding the party, and this is the time to do it. And the principles that sort of define our party – respect for the Constitution, separation of powers, community safety, fundamental recognition that we are a good country, equal opportunity, equal justice, support for law enforcement and the rule of law, freedom of conscience, and religious liberties – these are our foundational values. Not only the Republican Party, to our country. And it’s important we nominate people who can carry that message. So, I encourage everyone out there in Albemarle and Charlottesville, Greene and Fluvanna, to participate in this process,” said former Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci. “I’m supporting Glenn Youngkin for governor because I think he best carries those principles into November.”


To join the Law Enforcement for Glenn Coalition, sign up here.

Virginians can learn more about Glenn at and by following him on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.


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