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Youngkin Launches Election Integrity Task Force With Five Point Plan

February 15, 2021

“This is not a Democrat issue or a Republican issue, it’s a democracy issue.”

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin announced today the launch of his Election Integrity Task Force. A political outsider and business leader, Youngkin’s targeted five-point plan aims to ensure both Virginia’s election integrity and trust in the results.

“This is not a Democrat issue or a Republican issue, it’s a democracy issue,” said Youngkin. “Both parties have long raised concerns, and we must restore Americans’ faith in the integrity of our elections. I am proposing five commonsense steps to establish legal voting standards for our election processes. Virginians should not worry that votes aren’t counted properly or that improper voting occurred. I will ensure that all legal votes will count in Virginia. I hope all Virginians will join my campaign’s official Election Integrity Task Force and stand up for our democracy.”

Youngkin will make election integrity a top priority. All Virginians deserve a voting process in which they have faith, and election results they trust.

Glenn’s five-point election integrity plan consists of straightforward and commonsense actions:

  • Establish a politically independent and transparent Virginia Department of Elections
  • Update voter rolls monthly to provide accurate voter information
  • Strengthen Virginia’s voter identification in all methods of voting
  • Verify all mall-in applications and ballots are legitimate and timely
  • Ensure ballot counting integrity by requiring observer presence and the audit of voting machines

Virginians can support Glenn’s plan and join his Election Integrity Task Force by signing up here.

Ensuring trust in the election process and election results is paramount. Election integrity is a bipartisan issue with long established concerns among both political parties. In 2016, a YouGov survey found that 42% of Democrats believed the 2016 election was “rigged.” In 2012, The New York Times reported that voting by mail “will probably result in more uncounted votes, and it increases the potential for fraud.” In 2005, the bipartisan report by the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform stated that “vote by mail is … likely to increase the risks of fraud and of contested elections.”

Let’s all pull together on this issue. The Youngkin Election Integrity Task Force wants to improve the democratic process for all Virginians.

Learn more about Glenn at and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Glenn grew up in Richmond and Virginia Beach. For the last 26 years, he’s lived with his wife Suzanne in Northern Virginia, where they raised four great children together.

Glenn and Suzanne founded together The Virginia Ready Initiative to support the training of Virginians whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic. Over 2,000 Virginians have started their journey to be trained for in-demand new careers in technology, healthcare and manufacturing.

Glenn began his successful business career at Carlyle when it was a small firm over 25 years ago. He played an integral role in its growth, becoming one of the top investment firms in the world. Glenn worked his way to become co-CEO. Carlyle employed nearly 2,000 people and managed assets exceeding $230 billion dollars, nearly four times the size of Virginia’s yearly budget. With 75% of its investments in the US, the firm supported hundreds of thousands of American jobs and the retirements of teachers, police officers, firefighters, and countless private sector employees.


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