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Youngkin Announces More Pro-Family Endorsements

October 8, 2021

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign today announced endorsements from the Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), Virginia Society for Human Life PAC (VSHL), and Penny Nance.  

“Virginians understand that I will put family first when I'm governor. That’s why my Day One Game Plan outlines the steps I will take to cut costs for Virginians, keep our communities safe, reinvigorate job growth, and restore excellence in education,” said Glenn Youngkin. “Terry McAuliffe doesn’t support a single restriction on abortion, has a track record of trampling on religious liberties, and has said that parents don’t have a say in their children’s education. Virginians understand that McAuliffe’s positions are too extreme and too dangerous for their state.”

“This fall, Virginia voters are faced with a stark contrast between the two candidates vying for Governor. As a former Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe has assembled a lengthy track record of extreme, far-left positions. McAuliffe has been endorsed by Gov. Ralph Northam, who made comments in support of infanticide, and McAuliffe supported legislation allowing abortion at the moment a baby is born. When he was recently asked to name an abortion restriction he supports, McAuliffe said he supports any kind of abortion at any stage of a baby’s development. Terry McAuliffe’s agenda is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom that Virginia has ever seen. McAuliffe’s positions would dramatically undermine religious freedom and could result in small business owners and faith-based organizations being punished for living out deeply-held religious beliefs. And when it comes to educational choice, McAuliffe supports extreme measures stripping parents of their right to protect their children. He recently stated during a public debate, ‘I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.’ Democrats are now calling concerned parents a ‘threat’ in an attempt to intimidate and silence families after the National School Board Association claimed parents are potential ‘domestic terrorists,’” said FRC Action President Tony Perkins. “Glenn on the other hand will empower parents to have an even greater say in their child’s education. That’s why we’re urging Virginians to vote for Glenn Youngkin for Governor. Glenn’s faith is a driving force in what he does and he understands the values that are important to Virginians. He will stand up to the extreme policies of the Left.”

“This November, Virginia faces one of the most consequential elections in her history, we cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. That is why I am endorsing Glenn Youngkin to be the next governor of Virginia. The choice is clear. Terry McAuliffe is a radically pro-abortion candidate, a threat to religious freedom, and a vocal opponent of parent and family involvement in their child’s education. He literally said, ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.’ Democrats are calling parents a threat,” said Penny Nance. “The women of Virginia will not let that stand. Glenn Youngkin is a man of faith who has run on empowering families to have a greater say in the education of their children. He will uphold the values of Virginians and stand strong against the onslaught of the radical left. I am voting for Glenn Youngkin and I hope you will too.”

“Virginians are shocked and distressed over the radical anti-life agenda that pro-abortion legislators and the last two governors have imposed on our Commonwealth. McAuliffe is radically pro-abortion, calling legislation allowing elective abortion up to and during birth, "commonsense." Glenn Youngkin understands that Virginians are reasonable people who reject the pro-abortion Democrats’ goal of unrestricted abortions up to birth. VSHL PAC is pleased to endorse Glenn Youngkin to be the next Governor of Virginia. It’s time to get Virginia back on track for life,” said Olivia Gans Turner, VSHL PAC President.

These pro-family endorsements come on the heels on Terry McAuliffe’s anti-parent comments in the most recent Virginia gubernatorial debate, where McAuliffe made the shocking and disqualifying statement, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

In response, the Youngkin campaign launched a family-friendly mobilization effort and highlighted McAuliffe’s anti-family extremism with a seven-figure statewide television ad.  

Youngkin has received a number of endorsements that represent thousands of Virginians from every corner of the state, including:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors Virginia
  • Hampton Road Black Caucus
  • Log Cabin Republicans
  • National Right to Life
  • National Federation of Independent Business Virginia PAC
  • Susan B. Anthony List
  • Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association
  • Virginia Contractor Procurement Alliance
  • Virginia Fraternal Order of Police
  • Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriff’s Association
  • Virginia Police Benevolent Association
  • 20+ Commonwealth’s Attorneys
  • 50 Sheriffs
  • 100+ Hispanic and Latino Leaders
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